Our Business

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Our Business

Application of water-cooled grate system to prevent high temperature corrosion
Incinerator boiler to recover high-temperature and high-pressure energy

DWS Coverage

- Solid fuel incineration power generation facilities (SRF, Bio-SRF, BIOMASS)
- Waste incineration power generation facility (workplace waste, municipal waste)
- Other waste energy recovery facilities (ASR, sludge mixture)

Character & Strength

- Quantitative supply facilities to prevent corrosion and backfire at high temperatures
- Water-cooled grate, Hybrid grate
- Individual grate control and combustion control by combustion area
- High efficiency 1 drum boiler
- Automatic combustion system

FOOD & AGRI(Coffee Bin)
Coffee spent ground, a by-product from soluble coffee, can be valorized in a VYNCKE energy plant to produce steam for the evaporation and extraction steps or for the drying process.

WOOD Pellet
The enormous heat- and power demand of the pellet line is the main challange for pellet producers. VYNCKE energy plants can turn your production wood waste into hot gases for the drying process and power to run your plant.

Fuels which are recovered from waste, like RDF ( Refuse Derived Fuels ) and SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel ) can also be tackled by the VYNCKE advanced grate technology, yielding efficient steam and/or power solutions.