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Hi! My name is Begcomsee, the Polar Bear.
I am from the Arctic.

I have a story to tell you!

Brand Story

I was born and raised far in the Arctic.

During the summer, we have Sun for the whole night during 100 days.
My hometown is covered with the white snow and ice.
It is so cold that every thing in the North Pole is frozen.
However I am fully covered with the white and warm fur.
So I felt so nice and comfortable in the cold weather.

From one day we started to have something strange.

The atmosphere temperature went up by 5℃ in average for last 100 years.
In the Arctic, the average temperature went up fastest which is melting icebergs now. Seabirds told me the story of the vast Plastic Islands floating and being melt in the oceans which were dumped by people around the world.

The islands are getting bigger than before with more wastes coming to the oceans. The islands are made of the plastics, styrofoams, steel wires and others.

What happened to my home?
Where are my parents and brothers?

One day I found out that I was alone on a small floating iceberg when I woke up. What happened to my family sleeping together? I was floating away on the iceberg from the Arctic parting from the family.

My name is Begcomsee, the Polar Bear.
Welcome to the Nature Store!!

In Nature Store, we sell Clean Air, Blue Sky, Brilliant Sunshine, and Green Nature. Buy the Clean and Safe Environment.

From my experience I have learned that we need to save the Earth and the Arctic by recycling the waste. I opened up Nature Store where we can separate and treat the waste for recycling. In Nature Store, I manage your wastes in smart ways.

Welcome to Nature Store and meet Mr. Begcomsee, the Polar Bear.

By visiting Nature Store, we can make the clean and safe environment where the human and other animals live together. So I can go back to my home at the Arctic.

*“Mr. Begcomsee, the Polar Bear” has the meaning that the Polar Bear is BEGging you to COMe and SEE the Arctic. “the North Pole” has been the most devastated by the Global Warming.