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Brand for “Plant Nutrients" from the Nature
Nature Shop carefully handpicks only the produces grown in the nature
where the ladybug eats the vermin and the earthworm strengthens the soil power.
Please meet the nature shop products now which will enrich you with the healthy energy from super food ingredients.

Brand Philosophy of Nature Shop

Nature Shop believes that the health is the nature grown plants and will go in the right direction even at the slow pace.

Nature Shop travels around the country and the world looking for naturally growing farmers to get the fresh plant ingredients good for health. We keep traveling even today looking for the better plant ingredients.

Nature Shop studies and tastes the various plants and fruits to come up with its own products. We find and introduce you the power of plant nutrients for healthy life.

Nature Shop Plant Nutrient #1
More lemonish than lemon ;
Lemon Myrtle

With the endless curiosity and fantastic imagination

Lemon Myrtle Tea

Not jealous of the rich coffee aroma and no worry about caffeine,
I am LEMON MYRTLE full of Natural taste.

Lemon Myrtle Food

Not jealous of the tasty spices, no worry about addiction nor not envious of Chef’s recipes,
I am LEMON Myrtle full of Natural flavor.

Lemon Myrtle Dessert

Not jealous of the sweetness of Chocolate, no worry about the temptation by sweat dessert nor not envious of fresh fruits,
I am LEMON Myrtle full of natural sweat.

Only Lemon Myrtle you can find in Department Stores in Korea
Representative Brand of Lemon Myrtle, Nature Shop
Nature Shop launched the lemon myrtle in Korean department stores where the merchants are not picky for new items. Nature Shop has the pride and know-how as the plant nutrient specialist.

Organic Herb Tea

Better Nature

Grown and Harvested in Australia where Lemon Myrtle originates.

Various tastes and aromas

Better Taste

With Refreshing smell of lemon and fresh cut grass, it gives you the freshness of the morning air.

Detox and Diet

Better Health

No Caffeine – help letting out heavy metals and toxins from the body and reducing fat and cholesterol.

Healthy Plant Nutrients

Better Health

Vietnam B, C, E, Calcium, Lutein and 10 minerals rich.

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